Pokud Vám nejde vypůjčit licence z licenčního serveru. Je nutné ověřit zda:

  1. na serveru neběží jiný licenční server pokud ano je nutné změnit port 27 000 na jiný v rozmezí do 27005
  2. zkontrolujte průchodnost portu 723 - musí být průchozí dovnitř i ven

Pokud je vše OK 

řiďte se instrukcemi níže:

The release of ZWCAD Network License program outside the internal network .

Network license server software is based on a system of flexlm . License server can be any computer with access to the internal network . The problem may be to provide a license outside the internal network . This article is dedicated to just discuss how to make the network license program outside the internal network .

First a little theory. Flexlm uses 2 ports for network licensing .

The first is in the range from 27000 to 27009 - let's call it a " port of call " . By default it is set to 27000 , but if your computer is running other server -based license flexlm collision can occur . You must then manually switch port number callsign for ZWCAD .

This can be done as follows. Select Start == > Programs ==> ZWCAD Network License Manager ==> LMTools and go to the tab Config Services.

Find the file name and path to it called " Path to license file " - as in the figure below. In our case it will be

C: \ Program Files \ ZWLMS Col. \ counted.lic

Open the file counted.lic , using an ordinary text editor. Here are the default contents :

This_host ANY SERVER

VENDOR zwflex OPTIONS = zwflex.opt


Without going into details , port number, call sign , can we move it simply by adding at the end of the first line after a space , eg

This_host ANY SERVER 27005

Call now port is set to port 27005 .

After the ZWCAD do not have anything to do . The program will check the ports from 27000 to 27009 . If the server responds flexlm ZWCAD program on a range of ports of call , it sends it in response to a second port , let's call it " communication " . It is used to check for a license. The default communication port is allocated dynamically when the server starts flexlm license .

However, you can set the communication port permanently. With the availability of licenses outside the corporate network is often required. To set the port to permanently open the file counted.lic ( in the same way as above) and at the end of the second line we add a static port number , such as 723 (please remember to include a space before the port number ) .

VENDOR zwflex OPTIONS = zwflex.opt 723

Save the file counted.lic , in our case it will look like this

This_host ANY SERVER 27005

VENDOR zwflex OPTIONS = zwflex.opt 723


Restart the license server ( tab Start / Stop / Reread in LMTOOLS ) .

Click on the window LMTOOLS ( Config Services tab ) on the View Log .

Opens a window in which displays text similar to the following ( note the text that pogrubiłem ) :

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) ------------------------------------------ -----

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) Please Note :

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd )

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) This log is Intended for debug purposes only.

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) In order that capture accurate license

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) usage data into an organized repository ,

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) please enable report logging . Use Acresso Software Inc. . 'S

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) software license administration solution ,

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) FLEXnet Manager , this Readily gain visibility

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) into license usage data and that create

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) insightful reports on critical information like

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) license availability and usage . FLEXnet Manager

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) can be fully automated to run these reports on

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) schedule and can be used to track license

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) servers and usage across a heterogeneous

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) network of servers including Windows NT , Linux

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) and UNIX . Contact Acresso Software Inc. . at

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) www.acresso.com for more details on how to

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) Obtain an evaluation copy of FLEXnet Manager

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) for your enterprise .

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd )

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) ------------------------------------------ -----

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd )

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd )

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) pid 3440

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) Done rereading

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) FLEXnet Licensing ( v11.6.1.0 build 66138 i86_n3 ) started on aristo (IBM PC) ( 3/9/2011 )

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) Copyright ( c ) 1988-2008 Acresso Software Inc. . All Rights Reserved .

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) U.S. Patents 5,390,297 and 5,671,412 .


5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) License file (s) : C: \ Program Files \ ZWLMS Col. \ counted.lic

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) lmgrd tcp - port 27005

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) Starting vendor daemons ...

5:20:23 p.m. (lmgrd ) Started zwflex ( pid 3460 )

5:20:24 p.m. ( zwflex ) FLEXnet Licensing version v11.6.0.0 build 60117 i86_n3

5:20:24 p.m. ( zwflex ) Using options file: " zwflex.opt "

5:20:44 p.m. ( zwflex ) License server system started on aristo

5:20:44 p.m. ( zwflex ) No features to serve , exiting

[ ... ]

A few lines later, should appear in the log as information about the second port

5:20:54 p.m. (lmgrd ) communication port tcp - port 723

( This line may vary slightly depending on the version of the server).

If the license server is restarted and both ports are set according to your needs you need to make some changes to the router. It is impossible to describe here , because virtually every router has a different way of configuration. In some port forwarding option is called " port forwarding" other " UPnP " .

However, please remember one principle. We map the ports with the same number . The port number on the outside and inside must be the same , for example, port 723 mapped to 723

In ZWCAD serve only the external IP address of the router. The router receives a request on port 27005 . Check our table redirects and forward the package to the license server on port 27005 . The server responds to the router on port 723, and the router will provide the answer to your computer with ZWCAD .